Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot

In terms of racing there is plenty on offer in Dundee and its surrounding areas and this includes horse racing, go karting, bike racing and also stock car racing.

Dundee Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to all race venues with ease and comfort and at competitive rates all the time.

For go karting you can try visiting the Karting Dunfermline which is excellent for all the family and also for children. They offer full equipment as well as ten minute, twenty minute and also thirty minute sessions. The prices for these range from eighteen pounds and go right up to thirty two pounds.

Other venues close to the region include the Off Road Karting which offers an intense and wonderful speed fest and also various packages. You can ring them directly and speak to some of the sale consultants for further information. Prices range form only fifty pounds to being with and many others are at competitive rates as well.

We always promote safety for all race events and any one requiring further information in relation to safe travel advice can ring us direct on out telephone number.